Our Background

Casa Bella is part of the Aquaforce Group, with Production, Marketing and QC structures being present in the UK, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE and China.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of our business, and is the driving force for all decisions regarding materials, production technologies and client relations. Our commitment to quality guarantees your success and your satisfaction.

Casa Bella sanitary products made their first apparition from Italy to the Middle East market in 1976.

Originally, Casa Bella products were sourced from various Italian factories then distributed to the Middle East territories. Following the success in those territories, on the 27th of October 1987 the brand decided to purchase the majority of shares from Ceramica Kerasan SRL, where the sanitary products were being made, and allowing Casa Bella products to be manufactured solely in Italy.

The 6th of February 1992, the shares were divested followed by a new investment in Ceramica Tecla in June 1997.

This investment and the numerous visits from Italian technicians into the Far East brought up a strong partnership between the countries leading to Casa Bella brand and its quality products becoming increasingly present in the Middle & Far East market. Due to this success, an important production capacity was moved to the Far East to quickly respond to the numerous ongoing projects.

Today the Italian sanitary production happens in Ceramica Tecla & two other factories in Italy, to cover a more price sensitive market, additional capacity is outsourced from the Far East.

For more information on the Italian production, we advise you to visit www.ceramicatecla.it

And for Far East production please refer to this website.


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